You are the only person who knows what’s best for you.
We are all having our own individual experiences, each a unique reality, our very own matrix.
Yet nothing separates us from each other.
We are all on the same planet.
Share the same oxygen.
Desire connection.
To be happy.
We must be among like minded people, partners and environment that are in alignment with the foundation and direction of our soul’s yearnings.
This is where our seeds will be watered by others, and where you will be able to water seeds.
Where each of the flowers are perfectly imperfect. 
Each petal is uniquely its own. 
And thats ok.
An environment conducive to growth, occasionally needs weeding.
This keeps the harvest from being choked out.
And even sometimes, you realize that the biggest “weeds” in your life, someone told you they were weeds, but are actually the most powerful medicine.
Choose your seeds wisely.
Just look at nature.
Get quiet.
Then turn inward.
What do you sense in your heart?
It will reveal everything you need to know.
Then your head can take action on what your heart is telling you.
Seasons are changing.
Harvest doesn’t come to those who hope, pray and wait.
Time for action.
Let’s bloom

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee.
It blossoms and the bee comes.-Mark Nepo

The same wind blows on us all; the winds of disaster, opportunity and change. Therefore, it is not the blowing of the wind, but the setting of the sails that will determine our direction in life.-Jim Rohn


We all know that the one thing that is constant in life is change.

Sometimes it just feels nice to know that someone else is experiencing something familiar.

That someone’s been there.

That someone made it through it.

And wasnt completely destroyed in the process.

That the destruction brought about newness and strength because of the storms. 

Just like roots of a tree will grow deeper as the wind blows against it, and then able to grow taller as a result. 

Both must happen for growth.

So as we navigate these winds of change together, I am making the commitment to share with you about my journey. 




When self love is fully awakened, I feel it is much easier to share love with others.

Because there is finally enough available for all.

I no longer judge myself.

Therefore I am not afraid of your judgement.

Maybe just one thing that I share, may inspire you to inquire within your own self, to dig a bit deeper.

Share a bit more vulnerably.

Open up a little more.

Let more light in.

Shine more light out. 

To be FULLY you.

Not them.

To fully love yourself first.

So that there’s enough to share.

It all starts with you.

One person can really change the world.

The second I begin the change within, 

I directly saw these changes reflected in my outer world.

The mirror that is constantly there to reveal parts of myself to examine. 

My very own Matrix.

May I be a clear reflection of pure divine source energy.

So that others may learn from my mistakes.

My accomplishments.

What works.

What doesnt.

Please know that your own inner knowing should supersedes anything I share.

And when what I share challenges your belief system, do not take what I am saying as true, OR as false.

Just sit with it.

Contemplate it.

Inquire within if all of the life choices and the underlying belief you have currently adopted was really your own.

Or your parents?

Your teachers?

Your pastors?

Your friends?


All the movies that have programmed your brain?

I have realized that my own self mastery has been an unraveling and sometimes destruction of the beliefs I’ve desperately held on to for so long.

Beliefs that were programmed and designed to create a sense of safety and security.

If I do A,B and C. And avoid D, E and F than I will get G.

I think this is why so many people decide to stay stuck.

As I began to question one thing that begins to reveal itself as a false belief, it was scary to realize that I had to question everything I thought I ever knew. 

Following fear has led me to some of the most magical people, that I know are in alignment with who I truly am. 

My soul family. 

That believes in me.

Supports and accepts ALL of me.

Following fear has opened my eyes to realize that I know nothing.

That my inner knowing is constantly evolving and changing.

Everything can change in a single moment. 

I am falling in love with not knowing what is going to happen next. 

Peace, light and love above all else,